What’s In It For Hosts?

Host Responsibilities

The WODS & Equipment

All hosts do the same WODs on the same day. Hosts are not permitted to replace any part of the WOD (movement, number of reps, athlete order, etc) with something other than what is stated on The New WODs on the Block website. All WODs are posted in advance of the event. This allows newcomers to feel more comfortable and have the ability to practice.

As a potential Host, you should review all the WODs to see if you have enough equipment. If you do not have the appropriate equipment, we would like to help you work with your local affiliates to get the items you need. A substitution of equipment that does not allow for proper execution of the WODs is prohibited. This is important as we will have national winners, so everyone needs to be held to the same standard.


We open registration as quickly as possible once you are added as a Host. Each Host has a dedicated landing page registration. Hosts will be notified of signups and also have access to a more detailed report and the ability to download all the Athletes.

Event Date

Our next event is June 22nd, 2019. Hosts must agree to host on June 22nd and not on any other day. No exceptions for the date will be made.

Start Time

Athlete Number And Heats

Your event will start at 9am sharp and will be finished by no later than about 4pm, we will recommend your capacity by determining the total number of Athletes you can handle based on your equipment availability and space.

We will configure your heats so you have between 5 - 14 lanes in each of the heats. The number of athletes you will be able to accommodate PER HEAT will be determined by your equipment and facility space.

Hosts Earn 45-60% of the Registration Fee Collected

Hosts are paid the week after the event as long as a tax I.D. number and check payable name are on file.

Hosts must hold their event and input scores to receive payment.

Host Share Payments

Registration closes on Wednesday June 19th, 2019 at 11:59 pm. Check in sheets and heat sheets will be provided by Friday June 21st.

A host may forfeit their share if they don't fulfill their responsibilities. The main reasons for forfeit would be:

As a Host, Does It Cost Me Anything?

There is no upfront cost of any kind to get started as a Host. The only costs to a Host are associated with whatever you have to pay your judges, staff, DJ, Porta potties, ...etc. for setup and running the event at your facility. Most Hosts will ask members to volunteer to be judges.  We highly suggest supplying lunch and water for volunteers.

Hosts may bring in local businesses such as equipment, food, clothing or supplement vendors and charge a fee to represent their business at the event. This income can become another profit center for the Host, or at least enough to offset the nominal expenses needed to host the event.

Hosts may also charge admission. We recommend $5 per person, children under 5 free.  


All Athletes who register before May 31st at 11:59pm will receive a shirt. Shirts will be shipped to host before the competition and handed out the day of.  You are responsible for checking your registered athlete list to shirts received as soon as they arrive.


If an athlete decides to compete at a different host from where they initially signed up, they have until sign up deadline, June 20th, to switch to any host as they wish.


There are no refunds for this event. If an athlete or team cannot compete, their gym owner should be able to network to find a replacement.


Application to be a Host

By filling out this form, you are NOT obligated to anything. This form will just initiate the process of communication.

Our Mission is to help grow affiliate/facility owner community and business through education, events, and charitable involvement.

We all have a passion to help others. Our Vision is to see that Affiliate/facility owners get the support and inspiration they need to flourish in the fitness community.

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